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November 18th, 2008

10:07 pm - Carnival
so, the 'brilliant' carnival last night eh?
it's the perfect excuse to stay out late, get soaked, freeze without caring, act like an idiot + feel like a child again. what could be better?

so, i got the train there with rach, mitch, luke, shannon, molly, dani, kirst, jayde + saffy. all of us in a great mood, laughing + joking + just generally happy.. we get to the bloody train station and we have to fucking queue for like.. 20 minutes to buy our tickets eventhough they're only fucking 70p! what's the point!
mitch almost wet himself which was hilarious.. even if he didn't think so lol.

we finally meet up with the rest of the 'town lot' + after about.. 30 minutes we're all bored already.
it'll teach us to get there early to 'socialize' aha.
anyway, everyone's wandering round getting in trouble with police who WERE ON BLOODY HORSES!? but then when the carnival starts everyone just shuts up + watches the parade.
except me, rach + dan who thought it was a very appropriate time for dancing of course!

anyway, it was all planned for my mom to pick me up from down outside the library + guess what she does?!
she rings me last minute saying she can't pick me up because she's going to the pub.. the fucking pub!
because evidently getting pissed is more important but thank god i got a lift home with rach.

anyway, except that last bit it was a bloody good night!
can't wait for next year!
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November 13th, 2008

05:13 pm - egypt
okay, so i just found out i'm going to egypt in the first week of Dec!
a whole week away from this shitty country + weather!
i just hope i'm going to be back by the 10th otherwise i'm going to miss the clothes show D:
which i reminds me i really should speak to my textiles teacher that if i'm going to miss it can i just go next year instead.
hmmm.. good plan me thinks?

eventhough in december it's not that hot..
i better come back with at least a little bit of a tan?
it will be shitt if i don't, lol. (N)
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04:16 pm - HULLOH
hey, i'm skyeeface.
this is my second live journal account because my other one got hacked by some stupid fXcker.

add me up on my other sites yeah? :)

MYSPACE; www.myspace.com/x_shutupandsmile_x
BEBO; www.bebo.com/645906
NETLOG; en.netlog.com/skyeeface
YOUTUBE UN; skyeehigh
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